A Few Healthy Mouth Tips for Halloween

Tricks and treats, costumes and candy – these are a child’s favorite Halloween staples. But it’s that last one that may pose a risk for the health of their mouth.

Halloween sweets and treats are loaded with sugar that can wreak havoc on your little ones’ oral care. These tips can help lessen the damage done by Halloween candy, while still letting your family enjoy a safe and spooky holiday.

  • Have a meal and water with the candy. Saliva production from eating and drinking can help to rise out bad bacteria and keep it from sticking to your little guy’s teeth or getting trapped in his gums.
  • Opt for chocolate over hard or chewy sugar candies. Chewy candy sticks to teeth for longer periods of time, giving bacteria something to feast on. It’s also harder for saliva to break down, unlike chocolate, which can quickly dissolve in the mouth.
  • Limit other sugar intake. Skip out on juices and sports drinks, which can add more sugar and bacteria to the mouth, damaging teeth. Stick to water instead. Not only is it healthier, it also helps rinse the mouth.
  • Grab a toothbrush after that Twix bar. This one can sound like a no-brainer, but in all the fun and fuss, it can be easy to forget. After a night of feasting on treats, make sure your child brushes thoroughly. Make sure they floss as well, to get any traces of candy stuck between teeth.

Above all, have fun! And make sure to bring your little one to Mansouri Family Dental Care & Associates for top quality oral care year round!