Insurance FAQs

We are here specifically to provide a clear explanation of all your treatment costs, both your Patient Portions and what is considered billable to your Insurance.

To further discuss your payment options or insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Insurance Plans Do You Accept?

A: Mansouri Family Dental Care & Associates accepts MOST Participating Provider Organization Policies (PPO). We are In-Network Providers for a large number of these policies. We DO NOT accept any Dental Health Maintenance Organization Policies (DHMO or HMO) or Reduced Fee Schedules.

Q: What Will My Insurance Cover For My Treatment?

A: After your treatment needs have been diagnosed, we will thoroughly review your individual breakdown of benefits and estimated treatment costs based on your plan. All of the information we obtain in regards to your cost is provided directly from your insurance company. As a courtesy to our patients, we file claims to your insurance. Although your cost is estimated directly from the information your insurance company has given us, payment from them is never guaranteed.

Q: What "In Office" Payment Arrangements can I make for my treatment costs?

A: In addition to your Dental Insurance coverage, we do accept most traditional payment methods.
For treatment cost financing, we offer a third party payment option that is widely accepted at many other providers Nationwide. As a courtesy to our Patients, Care Credit and Mansouri Family Dental Care & Associates have arranged for 12 months interest free financing! Please ask us for further details. We will be happy to assist you here in the office as you apply for Care Credit.