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For premium quality dental implants in Marietta, turn to the experienced professionals at Mansouri Family Dental Care & Associates. We are a comprehensive, family dental practice that offers a full range of restorative dental services including dental implants. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in placing dental implants that result in healthy, beautiful, long-lasting smiles. If you are currently missing teeth or are tired of wearing partial or full dentures, schedule a consultation today to find out if you are a candidate for this revolutionary tooth replacement system.

Teeth Replacement

If you are missing teeth, dental implants are your best option to restore your smile, your teeth and your confidence. An implant is a titanium “root” that can be placed in the jaw and integrated into the bone to support a crown or bridge, or to secure a complete denture. Dental implants have an extremely high success rate and are now considered the standard of care for replacing missing teeth.

If you live in Marietta and are looking for qualified, experienced implants dentists, call Mansouri Family Dental Care & Associates. Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement system that provides for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. Most patients with missing teeth are candidates for this procedure. The dentists and staff at Mansouri Family Dental Care & Associates are pleased to be able to offer this life-changing treatment to patients in Marietta and the surrounding areas.

To find out more information about tooth restoration and dental implants, call Mansouri Family Dental Care & Associates. today. Our practice is currently accepting new patients and we would welcome the opportunity to care for you and your family. We offer competitive prices on all dental services, including dental implants. Our practice welcomes patients with and without dental insurance.

Nothing can replace your natural teeth, but dental implants are the next best thing as part of our oral surgical care. Dental Implants are made of titanium and act as an artificial tooth root. Dental Implants have been placed successfully for over 40 years because its compatibility with the body and its ability to integrate with the natural bone of the jaw. Dental Implants do not rely on other teeth and are secure, reliable and have predictable results.

Which Treatment is right for you?

Single Tooth Dental Implant

If you are missing a single tooth the best option is almost always a Dental Implant. A single tooth implant does not involve any of the adjacent teeth and allows for a more natural function and maintenance of the tooth. This will increase the comfort and longevity of all the teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridge

When missing multiple teeth and a traditional bridge may not be an option, two or more implants are placed to support an implant bridge. This option is mostly used on the back molar teeth area where most chewing is done.

Implant-Supported Denture

Not all dentures feel and work the same. Implant supported dentures provide the most secure and stable platform for the denture. These types of implants provide special attachments for the denture to lock into giving you a tight and secure feel when biting or chewing. Implant-Supported Dentures require two to four implants to be placed to give you the best fit. This type of over denture is long lasting and will never require any adhesive or other substance to hold the denture in place.

Contact our Marietta Dental Implants Office to determine if dental impants may be the right solution for you.

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Our Patient Reviews

Mansouri Family Dental Care & Associates

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Kevin Hanners

If you are looking for a great dental experience, I would have to suggest Mansouri Family Dental Care. I have been coming here for quite sometime, and I have been incredibly pleased with the kindness and care received from this professional group. Before coming to Mansouri Family Dental, I did not have very positive dental experiences. I like this group because I always feel at ease. I go in knowing that the experience is going to be great.

Simone Teamer

Everyone is great here! This office is beautiful and welcoming. It's conveniently located in cobb county. Also they have free dental day which is great for the community

Magnolia Bellydance

Nicola is great! Super sweet and wonderful at her job. The whole staff is respectful and the building is clean and tidy.

Aschkan Sabaghi

A wise man once said, "There are 3 very important friends in ones life....Dentist, Lawyer, and Mechanic." Mansouri Family Dental care is no exception, they are Crème de la Crème! My mouth had an early start on WW3, but the war was thwarted before any real life havoc could grip its deadly disease on my health! For a very long time I was battling with a Root Canal ed tooth and it was constantly getting infected....at times the infection would creep its way into my lymph nodes where severe infection would occur and my body would become lethargic and continue its endless fight against proliferating bacteria inside my gum line. I was in dire need of help and feeling miserable and helpless. When things could not get any worse....the permanent Crown broke off taking with it the top of the entire tooth only leaving behind the deep embedded roots inside my jaw. There is nothing I have endured more than these roots driving me insane. I was broke, a student, and unsure of how I could resolve the issue. I contacted my wonderful friend Dodd Mansouri whom is the hygienist at the Mansouri offices and he assured me that all was well and that I was in good hands. God bless his heart!!! First, they quickly sprung into Hero action and personally contacted my Private Dental Insurance company to check and make sure that my procedures would be covered, when it came back that I did not have full coverage.....Mansouri office worked alongside me and helped me upgrade my insurance to full coverage...so my shallow pockets wouldn't burn to the ground. That was far too kind of them to chose to help rather than having me fix the issue myself like a chicken with his head cutoff! So the day finally came and I was due to make a grand appearance at the Cumberland High-rise location, and let me tell you....their offices is nothing short of Grand!! I mean I would literally just pay to go up there and look out through their windows with its mesmerizing views of all Atlanta, just WOW! Now to the matter at hand, after Dr.Mansouris' inspection of my warring mouth....he told me that the rotten tooth had also brought about damage to the tooth behind it and to the tooth in front of it. He said that the tooth behind it seemed far too damaged and that the best route of course was to also root canal that tooth as well. However I told him that I wanted to live to be a 100 and that I needed all my teeth and already having lost one was bad enough. I made the suggestion that if it would be possible if he could try and save that tooth instead of Root Canal. Now, even though his suggestion was the right one he did not try to convince me to have it root canal ed but instead he respected my wishes to want to save the tooth and he said that he would try his best and that if in the near future I would have any issues and pain with the tooth...that then we would take his course of action. Surely enough, he was able to save both tooth. (This review is incomplete, for remainder please check Yelp!)

Aneka Battle

From the receptionists to the dentist, everyone is friendly, professional and down to earth!!

Stanley Sequeira

Great experience and they definitely did a good job with my teeth. Amanda was my hygienist and she’s wonderful!

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